The Transformative Impact of Setbacks, Disappointment, and Pain.


A Special Word for Pastors and Those in Ministry

We know that 1,500 ministers leave the ministry each month (for a variety of reasons), 28% have been pushed out of a church, almost half of all pastors have seriously considered leaving ministry for good in the past three months, 70% constantly fight depression, and only one in ten will actually retire as a minister in some form. God’s shepherds need encouraged and edified! While broad enough in its scope to speak to anyone sifting through the broken pieces of their lives, The Simple Power of a Broken Life will particularly assist and strengthen those brave men and women who have answered the call to full time ministry.

Not another “How To” book or “7 Keys to _______” book or “Do What I Did and You, Too, Can Be Successful” book, The Simple Power of a Broken Life will uniquely contribute meaning and purpose to the brokenness and pain encountered by those who have committed their lives to following Jesus.

There is deep and powerful meaning buried underneath the rubble of our brokenness. Drawing upon forty years of ministry experience as an evangelist, missionary, pastor of three different churches, and servant-leader in various other capacities, J. Daniel Moore draws heavily upon the word of God to show that purpose can indeed emerge even from the most painful and dark of ministry experiences. This book will help to make sense of the mysteries, unanswered questions, and wounded-ness of it all. Above all, you will emerge from your season of pain encouraged and begin the process of moving from pain to purpose to power!

J. Daniel says:

"I consider it a high and blessed honor to be a friend and encourager for my fellow ministers. Whether through this book, via email or social media, or if you pick up the phone and give me a call--even if we have never met before--please know that you will have a friend and brother on the other end of the line or internet connection. Perhaps what I am learning of brokenness could serve in some small way to help you on your personal journey. Let's do grace together!  - J. Daniel Moore