The Transformative Impact of Setbacks, Disappointment, and Pain.


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BRANDON BERG Associate Pastor & Worship Evangelist

If there has ever been a companion guide to the Bible for those who are currently or ever have been broken, this is it! There are few Christian books that I would call a “must read,” but this one certainly makes the top of my list. We all have experienced brokenness at some point of our lives, but for some of us we bury it, ignore it, or dismiss it. 

J. Daniel Moore challenges us through the pages of this book and God’s word to find purpose in our brokenness! Having had a front row seat to some of the brokenness the author and his family have humbly walked through, I believe his experiences uniquely qualify him to guide any reader through brokenness to find victory in Christ. This book will challenge you to take a fresh look at your circumstances and experiences to find the power of God in them. By the end of this book, you will emphatically say “Yes! There is purpose in my brokenness!” 

JOSEPH CAMENETI Sr., Lead Pastor, Believers Church - Warren, Ohio

In this life changing book J. Daniel Moore brings to life the power of servant-leadership that has been developed through reacting properly to our pain. He points out that while life’s pains are very difficult and sometimes debilitating, God uses them to develop our character and prepare us for a higher and more impacting level of freedom and ministry. I was blown away as Pastor Moore revealed the seven types of pain beginning with “The Pain of Promise Delayed” and ending with “The Pain of a Lingering Label.” He helped my life’s pain make sense like never before! You’ll walk in freedom and peace at a much higher level after reading this powerful and life changing book!    

GARY L. FROST The Mission America Coalition Associational Missionary, Southern Baptist Convention

So many hurting people confuse pain with brokenness and thus never experience triumph.  J. Daniel Moore makes the distinction between the two so very clear and you can sense that the principles he shares are not the result of "head work", but of "heart work." He speaks from a place of personal brokenness.  I'm so thankful he moved from pain to power.  I heartily recommend The Simple Power of a Broken Life. 

MAJOR MARK S. MACKNEER The Salvation Army Northern New England Divisional Leader

The Simple Power of a Broken Life, is filled with practical, fundamental teaching from years of experience and brokenness. J. Daniel Moore writes as he preaches with power and conviction. What you are about to read involves much more than picking up the pieces of a mess that you probably created in the first place, but it’s about worship, correction, leadership, God’s grace, and the power to move on! With keen biblical insight, he leads us on from our own brokenness, to see God’s never failing love, and His ultimate plan for us to experience His power through our broken life!

WAYLAND J. RUSSELL Business founder Rainbow Rentals Rent-to-Own, Investor, Philanthropist

The author has been my friend and brother in Christ for over 25 years. I have observed him as a missionary, a senior pastor, supporter of Christian education, and a leader. I consider him a mentor. He has been through the crucible of life and has remained a man after God’s own heart. He is uniquely qualified to bring us this survival manual entitled The Simple Power of a Broken Life.

The reader will be gently escorted though the process of brokenness, avoiding the pitfalls, and allowing God to guide you in and through the journey to true success. This book will be helpful in learning how to surrender to His will and His timing. All of us will face trials and tribulations.  These pages will help you come to a place of rebirth of power as you submit to His purpose for your life. 

As a former Founder, CEO and Chairman of a publicly traded company I’ve experienced many seasons of brokenness. I can tell you, first hand, God can and will get you through if we will just trust Him through the journey. This book will help!

BISHOP DAVID L. THOMAS Victory Christian Center Youngstown, Ohio

The reality of life is that, as a human race, we are all broken. In The Simple Power of a Broken Life my friend J. Daniel Moore reveals that these are exactly the type of people God uses! As you read the following pages you will realize surrendering your brokenness to the Lord enables His work to bring beauty out of ashes. 

I am very proud of Pastor Moore as I have been an eyewitness to several of the painful, broken times in his life. We discover, once again, when completely delivered to God, the difficult messes of our lives become the core of God’s redemptive message to help others. Well done friend!

An Encouraging Word From the Author